Costume designer

Sarah Denise Cordery

Sarah Denise Cordery

Costume Designer - Benvenuto Cellini

After years of beavering away in fashion design offices, working her way from Junior Designer to Senior Product Developer, weaving through brands and continents, Sarah took the leap to self-employment earlier this year, opening the creative online portal, Sarah Denise Studio. Sarah helps others see their productions, products and brands thrive through award-winning design and industry experience, and has allowed Sarah’s pastime passion of costume design, learnt through a lifetime of dance, to come into its own.

Having taken ballet class since the age of two, Sarah now performs regularly as a Burlesque and Trapeze Artist, and has always enjoyed using the corsetry and performance wear skills learnt through internationally renowned Contour Fashion Degree Course to communicate character and emotion within the theatrical world.


Original costume design for Teresa (Sophia Burgos)

Original costume design for Balducci (Matthew Rose)