28 Jan 2018

Mozartwoche 2018 Reviews

​John Eliot Gardiner and the English Baroque Soloists were joined by Antoine Tamestit (Viola), Isabelle Faust (Violin) and soprano Angela Hicks for a mixed programme of Mozart on Sunday 28 January at the Großes Festspielhaus in Salzburg for the annual Mozart birthday celebrations.

‘It was most enlightening to observe: how dignified Gardiner develops the tension and motor skills from the tonal conditions of the original instruments’
Wiener Zeitung - Reinhard Kriechbaum

‘The English conductor radiates the wisdom and kindness of a man who, like no other, has shaped the history of musical interpretation in the last forty years, and who holds his English Baroque Soloists together like an orchestral father’

‘The violinist Isabelle Faust and the violist Antoine Tamestit broke away from the orchestral sound created by the composer himself into an instrumental dialogue in which the audience held their breath. High musical awareness combined with artistic maturity to a message of extraordinary beauty and perfection’
Feuilleton Scout, written by Stephan Reimertz

‘The Salzburg Mozartwoche held a gem that is second to none’
Donnerstag and PNP PLus - Brigitte Janoschka

‘However, if all the ingredients are synthesised, the concert can no doubt be called a musical paradise. And it just happened in Salzburg…all the music flooded the Festspielehaus so magnificently that one was able to forget all the everyday worries for that moment…Everyone was constantly communicating with each other’
OperaPlus - Jan Průŝa