3 Sep 2017

Berlin Musikfest 2017 - Monteverdi 450 Trilogy reviews

L’Orfeo, 2nd September

Bachtrack ★★★★★ by Jens Klier

‘The English baroque soloists, whose ritornellos moulded themselves to the mood and intensity of the respective atmospheres… formed the most finely tuned patterns for this theatre.’

Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria, 3rd September

Bachtrack ★★★★ by Jens Klier

L’incoronazione di Poppea, 5th September

‘The English Baroque Soloists draw out the intimacy and fervor which are so inherent in the piece and are so impressive’

Bachtrack ★★★★★ by Jens Klier

‘The drama came to the forefront with Gardiner and his Monteverdis, especially because of the Basso Continuo of the English Baroque Soloists…who showed desibrable effervescence and emotional pleasure in order to support the intense emotions (of the music) and to give them a harmonious, colorful representation’

Stage and Screen by Sascha Krieger

‘Then the orchestral sound suddenly becomes quite delicate, the space is immensely intimate. This applies, of course, to the breathtaking final duet, but also for the duet of the lovers some scenes before’