Monteverdi | Carissimi | Scarlatti: On tour in Europe and South America

In Autumn 2019, the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists, led by John Eliot Gardiner, toured a programme of choral masterpieces across Europe and South America. This project saw the Monteverdi ensembles perform their inaugural concerts in Russia, Slovakia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Click here for more info.


“we will never forget the final choral ‘lamentamini’, which the little caesura between n and t makes the very embodiment of grief”
Kommersant (Zaryadye Hall, Moscow) - click here to read the full review

“Gardiner was with us: The legendary British conductor performed in Russia for the first time… the choir performed incredibly dynamically and expressively.”
SPB Vedemosti (St Petersburg Philharmonia, St Petersburg) - click here to read the full review

“they are literal masters, their souls deeply devoted to Baroque interpretation”
OperaPlus (Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava) - click here to read the full review

“Gardiner and his wonderful Choir mesmerized the audience… one of the best, if not the best, concerts of the year”
Estadão (Sala São Paulo, São Paulo) - click here to read the full review

“Such soft voices and delicate musicians express, on stage, such strength and power of enchantment. It is as if there is a direct channel with the divine, of pure beauty and worship. Time passes more slowly as the talented artists lend their craft to the honor and glory of divine music.”
Movimento (Teatro Solís, Montevideo) - click here to read the full review

“The vocal colors are expressed with perfect balance and total transparency… simply dazzling”
Clarín (Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires) - click here to read the full review