Bach Cantatas Vol 22

SDG 128  |  2 CD (40 tracks)

For Easter Sunday
BWV 4 / 31

For Easter Monday
BWV 66 / 6

For Easter Tuesday
BWV 134 / 145

Recorded in Eisenach

Angharad Gruffydd Jones / Gillian Keith / Daniel Taylor / James Gilchrist / Stephen Varcoe
The Monteverdi Choir
The English Baroque Soloists
John Eliot Gardiner

"Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s series of the complete Bach cantatas [...] has been an outstanding achievement from the very start, both in terms of excellent recording quality and brilliant musicianship. This [new] release of cantatas for Easter seems to have an extra dimension of spirituality and atmosphere" -

The series goes from strength to strength with Volume 22, comprising of Easter Cantatas from Eisenach where Bach spent the first ten years of his life, recorded in the church of St George where he was baptised and had been a chorister. Eisenach is where "Bach meets Luther", with the latter also having sung here and having penned his German translations of the New Testament while confined in the Wartburg castle which overlooks the town. The performances recorded formed part of a service where the sense of Easter as the pivotal feast of the Lutheran liturgical year was palpable.

Bach's setting of Luther's hymn Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4 Christ lag in Todesbanden, is one of his earliest cantatas, a bold and innovative piece of musical drama with, at its heart, a battle between the forces of life and death from which the risen Christ emerges as victor. In seven verses and drawing on medieval musical roots, Bach's setting is evidence of his total identification with the spirit and letter of Luther's fiery, dramatic hymn, and this comes across clearly in this moving performance. Alongside BWV 6 Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden" & BWV 31 Der Himmel lacht! Die Erde jubliieret, this magnificent set also includes BWV 66 Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen, a skilful adaptation of a lost birthday serenata for Leopold of Anhalt-Cöthen, the joyous BWV 134 Ein Herz, das seinen Jesum lebend weiß, composed for Easter Tuesday of 1724 and the exuberant BWV 145 Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen.


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Tracks in the album:

Disc 1
Sample Track Title Duration Downloads
Cantata "Christ lag in Todesbanden" BWV 4
01 1. Sinfonia 1:25
02 2. Versus I: Coro - Christ lag in Todesbanden 3:59
03 3. Versus II: (Soprano, Alto) Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt 5:33
04 4. Versus III: (Tenor) Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn (Tenor) 1:45
05 5. Versus IV: Coro - Es war ein wunderlicher Krieg 1:48
06 6. Versus V: (Bass) Hier ist das rechte Osterlamm 4:23
07 7. Versus VI: (Soprano, Tenor) So feiern wir das hohe Fest (Soprano, Tenor) 1:39
08 8. Versus VII: Choral - Wir essen und leben wohl 1:18
Cantata "Der Himmel lacht! Die Erde jubliieret" BWV 31
09 1. Sonata 2:23
10 2. Coro - Der Himmel lacht! Die Erde jubilieret 3:23
11 3. Recitativo (Bass) Erwünschter Tag! Sei, Seele, wieder froh! 1:52
12 4. Aria (Bass) Fürst des Lebens, starker Streiter 2:20
13 5. Recitativo (Tenor) So stehe dann, du gottergebne Seele 1:10
14 6. Aria (Tenor) Adam muss in uns verwesen 1:46
15 7. Recitativo (Soprano) Weil dann das Haupt sein Glied 0:44
16 8. Aria con Choral (Soprano) Letzte Stunde, brich herein 3:51
17 9. Choral - So fahr ich hin zu Jesus Christ 1:03
Cantata "Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen" BWV 66
18 1. Coro - Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen 8:54
19 2. Recitativo (Bass) Es bricht das Grab und damit unsre 0:31
20 3. Aria (Bass) Lasset dem Höchsten ein Danklied erschallen 6:02
21 4. Recitativo (Dialogo) ed Arioso (Duetto) (Tenor, Alto) Bei Jesu Leben freudig sein 4:06
22 5. Aria (Duetto) (Alto, Tenor) Ich fürchte zwar des Grabes Finsternissen (Alto, Tenor) 7:46
23 6. Choral - Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! 0:45

Disc 2
Sample Track Title Duration Downloads
Cantata "Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden" BWV 6
01 1. Coro - Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden 5:55
02 2. Aria (Alto) Hochgelobter Gottessohn 3:44
03 3. Choral (Soprano) Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ 3:56
04 4. Recitativo (Bass) Es hat die Dunkelheit 0:43
05 5. Aria (Tenor) Jesu, lass uns auf dich sehen (Tenor) 4:20
06 6. Choral - Beweis dein Macht, Herr Jesu Christ 0:43
Cantata "Ein Herz, das seinen Jesum lebend weiß" BWV 134
07 1. Recitativo (Tenor, Alto) Ein Herz, das seinen Jesum lebend weiß (Alto, Tenor) 0:35
08 2. Aria (Tenor) Auf, Gläubige, singet die lieblichen Lieder (Tenor) 5:25
09 3. Recitativo (Tenor, Alto) Wohl dir, Gott hat an dich gedacht (Alto, Tenor) 2:20
10 4. Aria (Duetto) (Alto, Tenor) Wir danken und preisen dein brünstiges Lieben (Alto, Tenor) 7:06
11 5. Recitiativo (Tenor, Alto) Doch würke selbst den Dank in unserm Munde (Alto, Tenor) 1:48
12 6. Coro - Erschallet, ihr Himmel, erfreue dich, Erde 6:46
Cantata "Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen" BWV 145
13 1. Aria (Duetto) (Tenor, Soprano) Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen 3:31
14 2. Recitativo (Tenor) Nun fordre, Moses, wie du willt 0:59
15 3. Aria (Bass) Merke, mein Herze, beständig nur dies 3:05
16 4. Recitativo (Soprano) Mein Jesus lebt 0:44
17 5. Choral - Drum wir auch billig fröhlich sein 0:39

Total Playing Time: 2:0:22