Paris Monteverdi 450 Trilogy Performance Reviews
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 ★★★★ by Maeva Da Cruz  

'The harmonic and rhythmic audacities of this complex score...seem familiar to the English Baroque Soloists orchestra, which shows remarkable ease by deploying so many colors in the performance'
 by Michel Le Naour 

'[Sir John Eliot Gardiner's] training of the English Baroque Soloists assisted by the Monteverdi Choir offers an interpretation of all beauty where instrumental perfection disputes with grace' by Olivier Brunel

'[Sir John Eliot Gardiner's] leadership at the head of the superb English Baroque Soloistsis is musical perfection itself' 

Olyrix by Frédérique Epin

'The magnificent sonority of the ensemble of old instruments, the roundness of the violins and the velvety flutes and the variety of timbres and phrasings are in perfect match with the supple and precise gesture of the leader'

 by Charles Arden
'The instrumental ensemble, opulent wonder of refinement, makes the meadows flourish under the footsteps of lovers together'