Bach: St Matthew Passion tour 2016

"An unforgettable performance: unique in its rhetoric force, fulfilment and brimming with ideas." - NRC Handelsblad 

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Valencia: Palau de la Música, 11 March 2016

Las Provincias Review, César Rus

"Sir John Eliot Gardiner's version reminds us that he is one of the highest authorities in this repertoire. His version is perfect with profundity and delicacy, conducted with absolute devotion." 

Levante Review, Joan Ribó

"Yesterday, Sir John Eliot Gardiner came back to Valencia to conduct the St Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach. In other words, one of the greatest works of musical history, conducted by a great exponent of this German composer's music." 

Pamplona: Baluarte de Pamplona, 13 March 2016

Beckmesser Review, José M. Irurzun

"Authority, emotion and complicity with his musicians, nothing was missing in this spectacular concert that Gardiner offered us. His English Baroque Soloists, in two orchestras, were an exceptional group of soloists. They were perfectly together with the help of their conductor. The Monteverdi Choir, formed of 28 singers, among whom half took the role of soloists outstandingly. The musicality, intonation and unity of this group of artists were spectacular. As often happens with English choirs, the Baroque idiom runs through their veins." 

Barcelona: Palau de la Música Catalana, 15 March 2016

El Periódico Review, César López Rosell

"Gardiner’s interpretation communicates and recalls the emotions of fervour and pain in the score which surpassed the limits of transcendence. After midnight, the audience left the room euphorically after their standing ovation for the stars of the night." 

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El País Review, Xavier Pujol

"The Performance of the English Baroque Soloists was, again, tremendous. The formation was responsive and rich with fine precision delivering the requirements of the baton. The Monteverdi Choir, who performed a work of more than three hours without sheet music, is an almost unbelievable combination of reliability and sensitivity. The finest choir members also took the solo arias with admirable skill." 

Lucerne: KKL Concert Hall, 17 March 2016

Neue Zürcher Zeitung Review, Christian Wildhagen: 

"Right from the start of the Lucerne Easter Festival at the KLL, Sir John Eliot Gardiner and his English Baroque Soloists left us no doubt with their performance in demonstrating the deepest sound of unrestrained grief and expression of despair over humanity, which has lost all hope in its irrationality and delusion, or even worse, is nailed to the cross."

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Bachtrack Review, Sarah Batschelet: ★★★★

"The Bach mass inspired emotions that ranged from the depths of despair and fear of the brutal crowd and to the profound beauty and “bliss” of the melodic chorales."

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Amsterdam: Het Concertgebouw, 22 March 2016

NRC Handelsblad Review, Mischa Spel: ★★★★★

"An everlasting deafening applause followed, which is so uncommon for performance of a Passion"

Trouw Review, Frederike Berntsen: 

"The Monteverdi Choir: twenty-eight forces, rock-solid and perfectly articulate as a choir. The extreme transparency that characterises the full sound of this group is peerless: purely balancing between a warm and clear immersion of sound."

Brussels: Bozar, 23 March 2016

De Tijd Review, Koen Van Boxem: 

"Everyone's feelings couldn't have been more intense then on this Wednesday at the Klarafestival in the Palais des Beaux Arts. The St Matthew Passion is all about suffering, comfort, mercy and hope. As if Bach had written it specifically for this evening. The applause was unstoppable and a standing ovation retuned our faith in the goodness of mankind and the meaning of life."

Paris: Philharmonie, 25 March 2016

Le Figaro Review, Christian Merlin: 

"Since he founded the Monteverdi Choir fifty-two years ago, John Eliot Gardiner has made it the best choir in the world, three hours to admire their perfect intonation, absolute transparency and ability to colour each word"

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London: Barbican Centre, 26 March 2016

Financial Times Review, Richard Fairman: ★★★★★

"He [Gardiner] now makes his points with the musical equivalent of a flick of the wrist. Accents, colours, feelings flash past — all the wisdom he has accumulated about Bach over half a century. Only Gardiner’s own choir and orchestra could keep up with him."

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Guardian Review, Tim Ashley: ★★★★

"It was a beautifully focused interpretation, exacting in its differentiation between narrative drama and devotional reflection, deeply felt yet avoiding any trace of sanctimony."

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