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Paris Monteverdi 450 Trilogy Performance Reviews
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 ★★★★ by Maeva Da Cruz  

'The harmonic and rhythmic audacities of this complex score...seem familiar to the English Baroque Soloists orchestra, which shows remarkable ease by deploying so many colors in the performance'
 by Michel Le Naour 

'[Sir John Eliot Gardiner's] training of the English Baroque Soloists assisted by the Monteverdi Choir offers an interpretation of all beauty where instrumental perfection disputes with grace' by Olivier Brunel

'[Sir John Eliot Gardiner's] leadership at the head of the superb English Baroque Soloistsis is musical perfection itself' 

Olyrix by Frédérique Epin

'The magnificent sonority of the ensemble of old instruments, the roundness of the violins and the velvety flutes and the variety of timbres and phrasings are in perfect match with the supple and precise gesture of the leader'

 by Charles Arden
'The instrumental ensemble, opulent wonder of refinement, makes the meadows flourish under the footsteps of lovers together'

Berlin Musikfest 2017 - Monteverdi 450 Trilogy Reviews
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L'Orfeo, 2nd September

Bachtrack ★★★★ by Jens Klier 

'The English baroque soloists , whose ritornellos moulded themselves to the mood and intensity of the respective atmospheres ... formed the most finely tuned patterns for this theatre.'

Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria, 3rd September 

Backtrack ★★★★ by Jens Klier 

'The English Baroque Soloists draw out the intimacy and fervor which are so inherent in the piece and are so impressive'

L'incoronazione di Poppea, 5th September

Bachtrack ★★★★ by Jens Klier 

'The drama came to the forefront with Gardiner and his Monteverdis, mainly because of the Basso Continuo of the English Baroque Soloists...who showed the desired effervescence and emotional pleasure in order to congenially support the intense emotions and to give them a harmonious, colorful representation'

Stage and Screen by Sascha Krieger 

'Then the orchestral sound suddenly becomes quite delicate, the space is immensely intimate. This applies, of course, to the breathtaking final duet, but also for the duet of the lovers some scenes before'

Lucerne Festival, Switzerland - Reviews
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L'Orfeo, 22nd August

Der Bund by Susanne Kübler

'John Eliot Gardiner stops on his Monteverdi tour at the Lucerne Festival with an almost too beautiful Orfeo.'

Rivista Musica by Luca Segala

'Two hours of pure emotion distilled with wisdom, technical expertise and above all the ability to grasp all the finesse of expressive writing to the highest degree’

Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria, 25th August 

Neue Zurcher Zeitung by Jürg Huber 

'Musically all wishes are fulfilled [...] Gardiner has taken away all the harshness that characterizes his style of interpretation, leaving the music elegant and free-flowing. The English Baroque soloists succeeded in captivating the intimate passages...'

L’incoronazione di Poppea, 27th August

Financial Times ★★★★ by David Kettle

'...a performance of scrupulous authenticity and expressive power'

General Reviews

The Guardian by Fiona Maddocks

'The rapport between voices and ensemble resulted in performances of electrifying intimacy. The instrumentalists deserve several paragraphs of their own. Rich with the dark-light colours (think aural Caravaggio) of lutes, theorbos, harp, dulcian, harp and more, their agile playing supported the drama with a restless repertoire of whispers, dissonant groans, sighs, outbursts and exclamations. '

Edinburgh International Festival, Usher Hall - Reviews

L'Orfeo, 14th August

Herald Scotland ★★★★★ by Keith Bruce

'Yet another extraordinary evening of opera in the Usher Hall [...] Gardiner and his superb international cast then deliver the goods, with consummate style.'

Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria, 15th August

The Scotsman ★★★★ by Susan Nickalls 

'The English Baroque Soloists were in fine fettle'

Herald Scotland ★★★★★ by Keith Bruce 

'...the moments of unaccompanied singing from various ensembles and songs like the duet of Ulisse and the faithful Eumete (Francisco Fernandez-Rueda) quite exquisite.'

L’incoronazione di Poppea, 17th August

The Scotsman ★★★★★ by David Kettle

'And the musicians produced a gloriously rich, supple tapestry of sound, alive to the singers’ caressing lines. Gardiner had an exemplary cast, too'

General Reviews

The Scottish Daily Mail by Tom Kyle

'The entire production was superbly marshalled by Gardiner himself. [...] This really is the sort of thing for which we have an International Festival.'

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